Nanotechnology takes on distressing new meaning in Australia

Check out the work of the Computational Nanotechnology Group at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia: “molecular computing is a practical use of nanotechnology for generating glitch and error.” Nanotechnology can now be used to mess up pictures of Superman, Popeye, and James Brown. It can mess up music too. I wonder whether the folks at the Chancellery Strategic Initiative realize that this is where their Molecular Computing grant funds are going?

This work may be quite good as art — I don’t pretend to know — but let’s make sure that art is funded with arts funds, not nanotech funds. And if it is being funded by arts funds, let’s not call it nanotechnology or molecular computing. (If you do like the art, go here.)

Note that the researcher’s email address is “cajones”. It did indeed take chutzpah to pull this one off. –CP

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