Map of Transformational Technologies

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PatGratton writes "I've put together a map of transformational technologies and some of their consequences. If I'm missing an important technology or consequence, please let me know." This continues the discussion of the white papers project mentioned earlier.

(Click Read More… for notes on the diagram and the technologies mapped.)

Diagram Notes
  • Green boxes indicate current technology.
  • The connection arrows show only a rough time ordering of technologies. Good arguments can be made for reverse arrows in several cases. (E.g., perhaps uploading can be achieved with macro technologies, then lead to AI, and then to nanotechnology.) In the interest of simplicity, I've left such ambiguities out.
  • Some consequences are mutually exclusive (e.g., Strong Government and Weak Government).
  • I would like to have better terms for some of these technologies. Position neutral suggestions are welcome.
Technology Notes
  • Morphics – a shorter version of "Morphological Freedom".-
  • Guardian Economy – economy completely run by strong central government. Named after Jane Jacobs description of the Guardian ethical system.
  • Transparency – David Brin's idea – in which surveillance runs both ways.
  • Gift Economy – Stuff is free. Perhaps "Post Scarcity Economy" would be a better term.
  • Borganisms – Collective organisms. Personally, I don't like this term because of it's probable negative connotations.
  • Neurostructural Control – Redesign of the human neural system in order to modify basic drives or increase performance.
  • Quantum Computing acts as an accelerant, but is neither necessary nor sufficient for other technologies – thus it is shown without connections.

..Pat Gratton

P.S. – Thanks to Chris Phoenix and Richard Fannon for their comments.

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