Meet the Nubot: DNA nanotechnology robots

Aharia Nair brings to our attention the new term Nubot, for Nucleic Acid Robots. Wikipedia explains:

Nubot is an abbreviation for “Nucleic Acid Robots.” Nubots are synthetic robotics devices at the nanoscale. Representative nubots include the several DNA walkers reported by Ned Seeman’s group at NYU, Niles Pierce’s group at Caltech, John Reif’s group at Duke University, Chengde Mao’s group at Purdue, and Andrew Turberfield’s group at the University of Oxford.

This is a subcategory of “DNA machine”, the Wikipedia entry for which is requesting assistance. Why not give them a hand, and help promote nanotech?

We can expect increased rates of advance in this area now that the Nanorex modeling and design software is going to put special focus on structural DNA technology. —Christine

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