meVC: nanotech potential is "staggering"

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Senior Associate Steve Jurvetson brings to our attention the meVC annual report, which includes coverage of their interest in investing in nanotechnology. meVC's website states that it is "the first venture capital investment management firm to provide all investors access to venture capital, a top-performing asset class previously open only to high net worth individuals and institutional investors.". The fund is connected with Draper Fisher Jurvetson, a corporate sponsor of this spring's Foresight Gathering. Read More for the excerpt from CEO John Grillos. From page 10 of the meVC annual report:

Q: Which new sectors are you currently evaluating to find emerging investment opportunities and why?

In addition to communications and optical networking, one area that we are currently exploring through the DFJ network is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology falls at the intersection of biotechnology, electronics and mechanics. In brief, nanotechnology creates the opportunity for hardware and software technologies to self-replicate on a large scale, removing the need to manufacture each unit individually. We believe that the potential for nanotechnology is staggering. Use of this technology could result in an astonishing lowering of production costs to a level significantly below those of today.

Because we don't source seed stage (very early) deals ourselves, we have been working with the DFJ network to learn about nanotechnology and determine when and where such an investment would be appropriate for the Fund. Nanotechnology is a very new field, and it is too early to tell whether it will spur the kind of investment environment we've seen created by the Internet in recent years. Nevertheless, we believe that its development certainly has exciting implications, and we are optimistic that some large companies may soon begin to explore the benefits of applying such technology. Through our partnership with DFJ, we are closely following developments within nanotechnology and are taking a hard look at how we might involve the Fund in the near term and the future.

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