Zyvex profiled by Forbes

from the megabucks-for-nanogoals dept.
Senior Associate Ralph Merkle, Principle Fellow at Zyvex, notes that Forbes.com has an article on the company: "Zyvex, billing itself as the first molecular nanotechnology company, is aiming for nanoproducts that are at least ten years from realization, if they are even possible. Von Ehr started up in 1997, buying ten powerful microscopesóone for $350,000óand building a chemistry lab, machine shop and clean room in a 20,000-square-foot factory that hasn't shaken its new-car smell. Zyvex grew from 15 people in 1999 to 29 last year, and Von Ehr plans to double in size annually for the next several years. What started out as a plan to spend $2 million to $3 million a year for ten years has evolved into an ambitious effort to raise and spend $300 million over eight years."

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