Military nanotechnology video is a mixed bag

Somehow we missed the original launch of the 12-minute video describing MIT’s Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, funded by the U.S. Army.

It includes animated sequences depicting combat scenarios and how nanotechnologies could be used in response. Some of these are pretty science-fictiony, which means they have at least some chance of being accurate projections.

The “talking heads” — mostly various MIT professors — are interesting and credible.

But I’d be curious to hear whether you react the same way I did to the narrator: an overly-excited, “salesy”-sounding professional announcer. This gives a bizarre sales tone to what is really quite a serious topic: the use of new technologies in (defensive) warfare. Yet somehow it appears the video has been in use for three years, without change — and this video is visible to people all over the world, many of whom appear to feel that the U.S. is over-enthusiastic in the use of warfare. A friendly suggestion to ISN from an MIT alum: re-record the voiceover using a serious, calm tone — one doesn’t want to come across as salesy on this topic. —Christine

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