Military looks at nanotech & health in year 2020

from the here-comes-SuperSoldier dept.
Jonathan Desp points out the Focused Study of Biotechnology & Nanotechnology from the Military Health Services System (MHSS 2020). Senior Associate Richard Smith, who participated in the study, gives a behind-the-scenes report on the process. From the MHSS 2020 report: If a breakthrough to a universal assembler occurs within ten to fifteen years, an entirely new field of 'nanomedicine' will emerge by 2020. Initial applications will be focused outside the body in areas such as diagnostics and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The most powerful uses would eventually be within the body. Possible applications include programmable immune machines that travel through the bloodstream, supplementing the natural immune system; cell herding machines to stimulate rapid healing and tissue reconstruction; and cell repair machines to perform genetic surgery. CP: My favorite section title is "3.1.3 Benefits to Health Operations Other Than War".

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