Mindpixel project will apply psych test to AI model

from the real-world-AI dept.
On a more practical note, the Mindpixel Digital Mind Modeling Project has announced that a standard psychological test used by clinicians worldwide in the evaluation and treatment of adults will be administered to a machine-based artificial personality.
The Mindpixel Project is a large worldwide AI effort, with nearly 40,000 contributing members in more than 200 countries. The project's goal is to build a highly accurate statistical model of an average human mind which they hope can be used as a foundation for true artificial consciousness. The test will be applied to GAC (Generic Artificial Consciousness — pronounced "Jack"), an artificial personality being developed by Mindpixel. GAC will be evaluated over the next several months to assess its learning of human consensus experience from the Mindpixel project's large and diverse group of users from many different cultures.
The test will be supervised and interpreted by Dr. Robert Epstein, an expert on human and machine behavior. "Nothing like this has ever been attempted," said Epstein. "We're evaluating thousands of people worldwide as if they were one collective individual . . . We don't know if it is possible to build a normal personality out of millions of little pieces. This experiment will tell us how reasonable the idea is."

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