Molecular Machines Group: Program


A group of scientists, entrepreneurs, and institutional allies who cooperate to advance molecular machines, atomic precision, applications in energy, medicine, and material science, and long-term progress toward Richard Feynman’s vision of nanotechnology. Meetings are private and may be off the record. Those that are recorded can be found in our seminar summaries. Apply to join. Support to join.


Recordings, written summaries, and slides

Adam Marblestone
Benjamin Reinhardt
Molecular 3D printer Parts and Systems Brainstorm
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Dirk Trauner, NYU
Controlling the Machinery of Life with Synthetic Photoswitches
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Lee Cronin, University of Glasgow
The First Programmable Turing Complete Chemical Computer
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Linda Sapochak, NSF
NSF Division of Materials Research: Where Materials Begin and Society Benefits
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William Shih, Harvard
Lulu Qian, Caltech
Molecular Detection via DNA Nanotech & Neural Nets
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Tina Kaarsberg, DOE
AMO’s Program in Atomically Precise Manufacturing and Nanocarbon Metals
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David Baker, University of Washington
Protein-based Assemblies and Molecular Machines
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Lisa Friedersdorf
Designing the National Nanotechnology Initiative of the Future
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James Tour, Rice University
Nicolas Guiseppone, CNRS
Applied in Medicine & Across Scales
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Ayusman Sen, Pennsylvania State Uni
Enabling Applications
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David Leigh, University of Manchester
Raymond Astumian, The University of Maine
Alberto Credi, University of Bologna
The Advent of Artificial Molecular Machines
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Isik Kizilyalli, ARPA-E
ARPA-E Program Overview
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James Cooper, University of Reading
Molecular Machines Group Launch
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