Molecular manufacturing means "no pollution"

From the Australian Broadcasting Corp's The Future is Small: "A pair of nanopants, long-lasting lipstick or self-cleaning windows won't change the world. But physicist and nanotechnology expert Professor Mick Wilson, Dean of Science at the University of Western Sydney, argues that new products and new ways of making them will bring profound social and economic change…Wilson said that with Drexler's vision of nanotech, as a sort of Meccano or Lego set of about 90 atoms, you could build anything you wanted want from the bottom up. 'As Drexler says, there's no pollution, because you don't make anything that you don't want, you just [take] every atom that you want out of the box and use it,' said Wilson." Prof. Wilson is coauthor of the book Nanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies, reviewed as an "excellent comprehensive introduction."

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