Must-see gallery of nanomachine simulations

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From Mark Sims of Nanorex we heard about these seven nanomachine simulations, all on one web page and operating successfully despite the jiggling of thermal noise. The eighth graphic is a cutaway showing the internals of a speed reducer gear design.

As I explain in my talks when I show these kinds of things: they are neither artists’ conceptions nor illustrations of nanomachines that have been built. Instead, they are engineering designs made using software based on scientific laws — designs that cannot be built today, but that (as far as we can tell now) would work properly if built.

You can hear more about the Nanorex software at their luncheon seminar “Computational Modeling and Simulation for Nanomechanical Engineering” on October 26 at the Foresight Conference. See also the three research lectures by Nanorex staff and affiliates: a busy group. –CP

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