Smalltimes interview on new Foresight initiatives

The leading small tech industry publication Smalltimes interviews Foresight president Scott Mize on new directions at our organization. An excerpt:

“The other thing that I think is a significant cornerstone of our new direction is the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems. This is our effort to connect the dots between the near term and longer term. Our success model for this is the ITRS, the semiconductor roadmap.

“The idea here is that we want to bring a similar roadmap into existence for the nanotech realm and focus on this narrow area of productive nanosystems…We’ve got two major bodies in this – actually three – that are working with us on the roadmap. One is the steering committee. That is a high-level oversight group that reviews what’s going on and sets the direction. And then we’ve got a working group. These are people we’re going to bring together and organize to actually create the bulk of the content for the roadmap.

“Our plan is to bring folks who have experience with other roadmaps onto that working group. And then the third group is what we call the roadmap partners. These are industry organizations and professional societies that we think would have a significant amount to contribute to the roadmap and also reach a certain constituency.”

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