Nanobiosym founding explored in Technology Review

Nanobiosym founding explored in Technology Review

Dr. Anita Goel, who won the 1999 Foresight Distinguished Student Award, went on to earn a PhD and MD from Harvard/MIT and then founded her own company, Nanobiosym. She explains the motivation and process in a Technology Review article:

“More than 10 years ago, as a physics undergraduate at Stanford University, I fell in love with the way the molecular motors known as polymerases read and write information from and into DNA…I hypothesized that the dynamics of a molecular motor depend not only on the sequence of the DNA it is reading but also on the milieu in which it operates…

“Since my Stanford days, I had dreamed of harnessing these molecular motors for various nanotechnology and biotechnology applications, such as controlled synthesis, molecular manufacturing, and reading and writing information on the nanoscale…Our approach compensates for some of the shortcomings of current sensors, enabling detection down to the single-molecule level. It is a personal interest of mine to make our technology available in the developing world, where the lack of infrastructure, such as electricity and running water, can preclude effective diagnostics.”

It’s been a pleasure to watch Dr. Goel’s career unfold, and we wish her continued success. —Christine

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  1. Dr.Sohail Manzoor October 20, 2006 at 1:04 pm - Reply

    Dear Dr Goel

    Your work and objective to make technolgy available in developing countries is commandable. In pakistan vast majority of our population has no access to health services and the ones who have access to health service they do not have the proper diagnoistic facilities–just to quote a basic fact only 60 % of country health facilites have hand washing facilities and only 9 % doctors practice the habit of washing hands after seeing a patient.—in such places the need of hand held diagnostic equipment will be much more–looking forward to meeting you in Boston from october 27-31 ,2006.

    regards Dr Sohail Manzoor Ferozsons labs limited Pakistan

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