Nanofilm president inspires at Industry Week

Nanofilm president Scott Rickert, a Foresight Participating Member, advises firms on how to integrate near-term nanotech into their products in a piece on the Industry Week site. He also gives advice on nano-jobs, which should not have nanoscale salaries:

“According to National Science Foundation estimates, the US will need 800,000 to 1 million nanotechnology workers in the next decade. Fortunately, the first nanotechnology salary survey I’ve seen will be out sometime in February at Like all industries, nanotechnology salary is governed by a number of variables – location, education, experience, even the prestige of the hiring organization. If you want to develop your own yardstick, you’ll find fodder at the nanotech job websites:,, Maybe add some data from industries that have salary surveys that overlap with nanotech, like”

Nanodot readers who are positioning themselves for the jump to full-time nanotech will want to monitor these sites for appropriate positions in either near-term nano businesses or long-range R&D on more ambitious nano-projects such as productive nanosystems. —Christine

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