Nanodot Upgrade Complete

from the better,-late,-than-ever dept.
Foresight CIO Ben Harper and I have finished the long-awaited upgrade of Nanodot to the FreeBSD operating system and Version 2.0 of the Slash weblog software. In the course of the upgrade, we uncovered and corrected a hardware problem that was responsible for several crashes of Nanodot in the preceding weeks.

Ben has commendably corrected the Sendmail malconfig Nanodot had been suffering (by replacing Sendmail with Postfix)… so if you signed up for a Nanodot account and never received your password, you can now use the "Mail Password" facility to get the system to resend your password. (If you don't remember your Nanodot nickname, don't fret… we will do a mass-mailing to all Nanodot users, reminding them of their nicknames and passwords, shortly.)

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