Nanofactories, molecular nanotechnology to be debated in UK

The Institute of Nanotechnology is sponsoring a nanotech debate at the Surface Science Summer School in the UK. Organized by Philip Moriarty of Univ. of Nottingham, topics to be debated include: Are nanofactories capable of manufacturing virtually anything with little or no environmental impact really just a few decades away, as some groups are claiming? Is nanotechnology based on scaled-down everyday engineering concepts viable or should we look to biology for insights into how to tame the nanoworld? Confirmed debaters:
* Prof. Richard Jones, University of Sheffield and author of Soft Machines
* Dr. John Storrs Hall, Chief Scientist of Nanorex Inc and author of Nanofuture: What’s Next for Nanotechnology?
* Jack Stilgoe, a researcher at the Demos thinktank and an investigator on an ESRC-funded project entitled Nanotechnology and Public Engagement
* Dr. David Forrest, Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center and President, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
* Prof. Saul Tendler, School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham

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