Nanotechnology weapons described in Jane's

Those of you familar with military matters know that Jane’s is a respected source of information in that area. So even though an expensive subscripion is required to read the full article by Andew Oppenheimer, it’s worth taking a look at their free abstract posted on the topic of nanotech weapons.

Excerpt: “As with many technologies, the medical applications may be adapted for offensive purposes. Manipulation of biological and chemical agents using nanotechnologies could result in entirely new threats that might be harder to detect and counter than existing CBW [chemical and biological weapons]…Other nanotechnology-based weapons might emerge from otherwise benign fields such as law enforcement in the creation of ‘non-lethal weapons’ for riot control and other policing operations. Some of these are currently permitted under the Chemical Weapons Convention. New delivery mechanisms to make incapacitating substances target more selectively could be adapted to more lethal uses…”

This is not pleasant to contemplate, but folks, we need to do it anyway. If any of you can read the whole article, I’d appreciate a summary.

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