NanoGermany and NanoIreland

First after lunch was Volker Rieke from Germany, who explained that Germany is #2 (after US) in nanotech publications, and directed us to the Nano-map to find out what is happening in German nanotech. Now speaking is Helena Acheson, Head of Division, Science, Technology & Innovation Policy and Awareness Division, Forfás, a think tank for the government of Ireland. As most of us know, Ireland has made extremely rapid economic gains in the last decade, and now have their eyes on nanotech. Your comments are welcome on their NanoIreland Initiative. The goal is to find which sector of nanotech Ireland should focus on, in order to capitalize on the country’s current strengths, looking initially nanobio, nanoelectronics, and nanomaterials. This is in the context of the European Action Plan for a safe, integrated, and responsible approach to nanotech. Overall impression: Ireland is determined to be economically competitive in whatever nano area they end up selecting for investment.

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