Nanomedical conference to feature advanced nanotechnology

There’s still time — barely — to plan to attend next week’s 1st Annual Unither Nanomedical & Telemedical Technology Conference in Quebec. Co-chair is Martine Rothblatt, PhD, of Unither Biotech. Speakers include these names familar to Foresight members, as well as many nearer-term topics:

Tad Hogg, PhD — Member of the Research Staff: Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, “Coordinating Microscopic Robots for Medical Applications”
Ralph C. Merkle, PhD — Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, “Diamond Mechanosynthesis as a Pathway to Medical Nanorobots”
Keynote: Ray Kurzweil — Founder, Chairman & CEO: Kurzweil Technologies, Inc. “The Coming Merger of Human and Machine: The Radical Expansion of Human Longevity and Intelligence”
Tihamer Toth-Fejel — Senior Research Engineer: General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, “From Artificial Kidneys to Respirocytes: DNA Assembling Silsesquioxane Nanocubes for Medical Use”
Christopher Phoenix — Co-founder (on sabbatical): Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, “Designing and Controlling Medical Nanorobots”

Good to see some new names here also (new to us, that is), e.g., Selmer Bringsjord and Renata Bushko. Wish I could be there to hear their talks.

The nearer-term speakers and attendees at this meeting will be getting a good dose of vision! Credit goes to Martine for organizing the event. —Christine

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