Nano's big future at National Geographic

Howard Miller brings our attention to a big section on nanotech at National Geographic this month (June 2006 issue). You can get a taste of it on their website, but for the main article, it looks as though you’ll need to get ahold of the dead-tree version. An excerpt from the description:

A tsunami is unnoticeable in the open ocean—a long, low wave whose power becomes clear only when it reaches shore and breaks. Technological revolutions travel with the same stealth. Spotting the wave while it’s still crossing the ocean is tricky, which explains why so few of us are aware of the one that’s approaching. Nanotechnology has been around for two decades, but the first wave of applications is only now beginning to break. As it does, it will make the computer revolution look like small change. It will affect everything from the batteries we use to the pants we wear to the way we treat cancer.

It looks as though the focus is on nanomaterials, rather than more ambitious devices and nanosystems. Perhaps those are covered in the full article.

There appear to be five nanotech videos on the site, but the topic seems to be the challenges of photographing nano. —Christine

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