Nanosoldier of the future

In an article in Salon titled “The (really scary) soldier of the future — Thanks to nanotechnology, he’ll be a lethal superman who can heal himself“, Alan Goldstein writes:

“Based simply on the projects posted for public consumption, the ISN [Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies] is busy creating a soldier of the future who will be protected by an impregnable exoskeleton. This 21st century armor will also impart superhuman strength, reflexes and endurance. It will sense its environment with molecular precision and administer chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other potions directly to the human inside based on pre-programmed stimuli or other command and control signals…” (Credit: Glenn Reynolds)

To hear Alan Goldstein debate Ron Bailey of Reason Magazine, show up this Sat/Sun at the Foresight Vision Weekend, our annual members’ meeting. You’ll need to join and register on-site. Hope to see you there! —Christine

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