Liveblogging the Foresight Vision Weekend

The Foresight Vision Weekend is off-the-record, so I’m not able to do real liveblogging. At the moment, we’re listening to Patrick Hopkins speak on “Who Will Hate Nanotechnology and Why?” There have been many great talks, but I’ll select just one as an example. Yesterday we heard from Peter Diamandis, Chairman of the X Prize Foundation, gave a hugely inspirational talk on how and why the X Prize succeeded so well, and how we can design an “X Prize for Nanotech” to get similar results in our field.

In ten minutes we’ll be going to the breakout sessions, one of which is a design session for this new Prize. But that breakout, no matter how excellent, won’t attract all the participants, since there are three other great ones: “Extending Human Lifespan” led by Aubrey de Grey, University of Cambridge, UK; “Software Tools for Designing & Studying Molecular Machine Systems” led by Mark Sims, President, Nanorex; and “Transparency vs. Privacy in an Age of Nanosensors” led by Brad Templeton, Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Very hard to choose among these. Wish you were here! Join as a Foresight Participating Member (“Participant” or above) and come next time. —Christine

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