Nanotech for poverty alleviation

With a focus on near-term nanotech, the Meridian Institute has launched Nanotechnology and Development News, a free daily service delivering news on how nanotechnology can help alleviate poverty:

“Each day, you will view succinct summaries of the most pertinent information about the opportunities and risks nanotechnology may present for developing countries.  We provide balanced information about the policy, scientific, technological, ethical, and social issues around nanotechnology and international development from a diverse array of sources including peer-reviewed journals, international news wires, op-eds, scientific studies, blogs, and a variety of industry, government, and NGO publications.

“Meridian intends the news service to close the gap between the nanotechnology and international development communities.  We hope that the news service will help individuals from government, industry, NGOs, academia, and other sectors in developed and developing countries keep track of emerging information about the opportunities and risks of nanotechnology and international development, thereby helping them make better informed decisions.”

For how more advanced nanotech can help in the longer term, see Chapter 8 of Unbounding the Future.—Christine

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