Strong, stable DNA tetrahedra made quickly with high yield

Belle Dume writes at PhysicsWeb: “A simple method to create robust DNA “pyramids” that self-assemble in seconds has been invented by physicists in the UK. Each side of the tetrahedral pyramid is made up of a double helix of DNA…t creates nanoscale tetrahedra of DNA that self-assemble in a single step in just seconds with a yield of up to 95%…

” “These atomically precise nanostructures are ideal building blocks for nanofabrication and can be produced cheaply in large quantities – all you have to do is mix the components together.”…

” “”We have designed a family of DNA tetrahedra which are structurally stable and can be manufactured in a quick and simple step,” adds Turberfield. “Ultimately we hope to use them as building blocks for nanofabrication, to act as templates for much more complex DNA nanostructures.” ” (Credit: John Faith)

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