Nanotech = Hot job of 2018, says Wall Street Journal

Here at Foresight, we’re always trying to help those looking to move their careers in the direction of nanotechnology.

Now the Wall Street Journal is predicting that this should pay off:

Kelley McDonald has always loved exploring new terrain. In home videos as early as age 3, “I’m always off by myself, looking under rocks or catching and studying bees,” she says. Today, at 18, the Apple Valley, Minn., college student is studying for a science career in the fast-growing field of nanotechnology—working with materials at the molecular or atomic level.

That makes her one of the lucky ones—a young adult whose career passion is in sync with one of the hot jobs of the near future…

Ms. McDonald found her passion through a community-college nanotechnology program funded by the National Science Foundation, where one official foresees hundreds of thousands of job openings in the field in the next five years.

In 1967, the future was “plastics”, according to the movie “The Graduate”.  If that movie were made today, the line could instead be, “I just want to say one word to you — just one word — ‘nanotech’.”  —Chris Peterson

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