Nanotechnologist price reaches $4.5 million

OK, not many nanotechnologists have reached this level. But there appears to be one who is being fought over by the US and UK. An excerpt:

“The University of Washington is lobbying state lawmakers for $4.5 million to help recruit a star scientist to head up UW’s nanotechnology program.

“The scientist, Gabriel Aeppli, directs the London Centre for Nanotechnology and holds a chair in physics at University College London. Considered a pioneer in his field, he was featured prominently in a recent Time magazine story about the United States losing its edge in scientific research to other countries.”

Later in the article we find that doing great technology may not be enough to command these prices: “…Aeppli has an impressive track record in fundraising, having raised $50 million for the London Centre for Nanotechnology, Lidstrom said.”

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