Nanotechnology bill introduced by Rep. Honda

Nanotechnology bill introduced by Rep. Honda

US Rep. Mike Honda (D-San Jose), who has played a key role in previous US nanotechnology legislation and won the 2005 Foresight Institute Government Prize, has introduced a wide-ranging new nanotech bill, described by Nanowerk. In addition to addressing risks:

The NANO ACT includes a number of provisions to create partnerships, raise awareness, and implement strategic policies to resolve obstacles and promote nanotechnology.

In addition, HR 3235, the NANO Act, will:
– create a public-private investment partnership to address the nanotechnology commercialization gap;
– establish a tax credit for investment in nanotechnology firms;
– authorize a grant program to support the establishment and development of nanotechnology incubators;
– establish a Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center for “nano-CAD” tools;
– establish grant programs for nanotechnology research to address specific challenges in the areas of energy, environment, homeland security, and health;
– establish a tax credit for nanotechnology education and training program expenses;
– establish a grant program to support the development of curriculum materials for interdisciplinary nanotechnology courses at higher education institutions;
– direct NSF to establish a program to encourage manufacturing companies to enter into partnerships with occupational training centers for the development of training to support nanotechnology manufacturing; and
– call for the development of a strategy for increasing interaction on nanotechnology interests between DOE national labs and the informal science education community.

So there’s quite a bit of action in this bill. You can track the bill’s progress on the THOMAS website. —Christine

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  1. Patrick Clifford August 21, 2007 at 2:54 pm - Reply

    The “NANO ACT” is yet more CORPORATE WELFARE! I told my Congressman that I am STRONGLY opposed to it!

    We don’t even have AFFORDABLE HOUSING which could be built with 1920s technology, but Foresight is a vampire for the U.S. plutocracy.

    That’s why I quit Foresight years ago.

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