Neurotech: Improving Cognition

A group of neuroscience researchers, entrepreneurs, and allies advancing beneficial short-term and long-term neurotechnology applications. Those that are recorded can be found below.

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Recordings, written summaries and slides of previous keynotes

Toward a Hippocampal Memory Prosthesis
Dong Song, USC
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Can We Create New Senses For Humans?
David Eagleman, Neosensory, Inc.
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Foresight Neurotech Seminar
Chris Own, Voxa
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Tools for Mapping and Controlling the Brain
Ed Boyden, MIT
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Neurotech Group Launch
Randal Koene
Konrad Kording
Off the record
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Neurotech: BCI & WBE Q&A
Randal Koene, Carbon Copies
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