New ACS Nanotechnology journal free for 2007

New ACS Nanotechnology journal free for 2007

There seem to already be an awful lot of nanotechnology and nanoscience journals out there, but ACS feels there’s room for another: ACS Nano. Editor Paul Weiss — who does “molecular motor-driven assembly“, which sounds fascinating — explains:

One of the great traditions of the chemical sciences is that one’s work can be reproduced anywhere in the world by following published methods of synthesis, assembly, diagnostics, and measurements. Up to now, the lack of a single high-quality venue for such comprehensive publications in nanoscience and nanotechnology has handicapped our field. Given the complexity of approaches applied, complete, in-depth articles are needed to allow us to build on each other’s work. It was for this purpose that the editors of a number of American Chemical Society journals first suggested starting ACS Nano, which we believe will fill this void and more.

Now, we will have the chance to speak across disciplinary boundaries, to share approaches and pitfalls. We see our role as critical in “going deep” in chemistry, biology, biomedicine, engineering, materials, physics, and related fields, all at once. It is a daunting challenge. Already, hundreds of authors and reviewers and many staff at ACS have contributed to assembling this inaugural issue, in which you will find interdisciplinary work in devices, materials, nanolithography, nano-manipulation, nanomedicine, self-assembly, and sensors. We hope that you will join us on this adventure, and we will depend on you and your colleagues to make ACS Nano what we imagine. (Credit: CNS-UCSB Weekly Clips)

It’s free for 2007, which is great. I can’t help wishing, though, that we were seeing the announcement of PLoS Nano instead, or in addition. Someday. —Christine

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  1. Phillip Huggan August 29, 2007 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    Thx for the notice, Christine.

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