New book addresses nanotechnology education and workforce training

Since Foresight was founded, some of the most persistent questions directed to us have included “How do I study nanotechnology?” and “How do I get a job doing nanotechnology?”. Now Foresight’s Director of Education Miguel Aznar has joined with Judith Light Feather to write Nanoscience Education, Workforce Training, and K-12 Resources. From the editorial review available at Amazon:

Designed for nano-aware individuals in both the public and private sectors, this volume—the first of its kind—provides a concise, readable resource on nanoscience education and workforce development in the field. The first part of the book provides a historical perspective on the complexity of K-12 education communities, while presenting inspiring examples of successful changes, including a definition of nanotechnology and a broad evaluation of the global and national landscapes of the field. The second section, Teaching Nanotechnology, turns to the critical process of teaching K-12 students the skills to understand and evaluate emerging technologies they will encounter in the future. The third part investigates the current status of developed teaching materials with links to all resources, evaluating the U.S. model and comparing with others around the world. The last section considers plans of action, offering links to sustainable development tools. It is a book designed to enhance awareness, review the facts, and fabricate a platform from which to launch a plan.

Kudos to Judith Light Feather and Miguel Aznar for addressing these crucial issues.

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