A new book on supramolecular chemistry and molecular machines collects papers and discussions from the 21st Solvay Conference on Chemistry, held Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 2007. From Non-Covalent Assemblies to Molecular Machines, J. P. Sauvage (Editor), Pierre Gaspard (Editor):

… collects review articles from the six topics of the conference, while also including comments, discussions and debates obtained during the conference.

The issues discussed at this landmark conference were:

  • Noncovalent Assemblies: Design and Synthesis
  • Template Synthesis of Catenanes and Rotaxanes
  • Molecular Machines Based on Catenanes and Rotaxanes
  • Molecular Machines Based on Non-Interlocking Molecules
  • Towards Molecular Logics and Artificial Photosynthesis
  • From Single Molecules to Practical Devices

In addition, and this is probably the most novel feature of the book, comments, discussions and debate will constitute a substantial part of each chapter, in accordance with the tradition of Solvay Conferences.

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