New Topic Icons

from the your-call-is-important-to-us dept.
Are the new textual topic icons an improvement or an eyesore? Read More for the reasons behind them, and voice your opinion in the new Poll. We've gotten some feedback, mostly positive, regarding the replacement of Nanodot's old clip-art icons with text icons showing the topic names. (At the same time, we fixed some topics that had spaces in their topic IDs, which caused links to break on some browsers [<cough>Netscape].) Our reasons for doing this were:

However, some users have spoken up in favor of the old graphic icons, saying that they made the home page easier to scan visually and that the site looks less interesting with the text icons. (I worked pretty hard on the old graphic icons, so this gave me a warm fuzzy.)

The obvious compromise — adding text to the graphic icons — has most of the drawbacks of the old graphic icons, including the most important one: they take longer to create, and so they delay the creation of new topics for the site.

But Nanodot exists for the users, so I have run the question up the proverbial flagpole and am standing by to count salutes.


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