Oak Ridge researcher describes applications of nanofibers

from the nanoengineering dept.
As a preview of its upcoming conference sessions on nanotechnology, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) ran an interview with Oak Ridge National Lab researcher Michael Simpson in a recent issue of ASME News.

Nanotechnology will be the focal point of one of the many technical tracks that will be featured during ASME's 2001 Congress and Exhibition in November. Nanotechnology will also be the subject of several tutorials to be given during the conference.

The nanotechnology track will start 12 November with a keynote panel discussing their work in the field. One of the panelists will be Simpson, who is the founder and principal investigator of the Molecular-Scale Electronics and Nanoscale Technologies Group at Oak Ridge National Lab. Simpson's group has been active in the controlled synthesis and directed assembly of carbon nanofibers into devices and systems.

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