Technical Insights report on nanodevices

from the expensive-information dept.
Frost & Sullivan and publisher Wiley have issued the 2000 version of their Technical Insights report on nanotechnology, titled Nanodevices: Future Markets, Applications, and Technology . The report takes a look at research and investment in a wide variety of nanotech-related fields. You can view the table of contents at the Wiley web site. The report costs $US 2450.

The 1999 version of the Technical Insights report was reviewed in Foresight Update #39, and we can make a similar comment about the 2000 report: If you've got money to burn and no time to do your own research, or you work for some organziation that doesn't mind dropping $2450 to put this volume into its library, this expensive volume may be of interest. But one can find a much of the same information in other sources.

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