Overcoming Bias : Prefer Law To Values

Overcoming Bias : Prefer Law To Values.

Robin Hanson blogs on what kind of robots we’d want to live with in the future:

The later era when robots are vastly more capable than people should be much like the case of choosing a nation in which to retire.  In this case we don’t expect to have much in the way of skills to offer, so we mostly care that they are law-abiding enough to respect our property rights.  If they use the same law to keep the peace among themselves as they use to keep the peace with us, we could have a long bring prosperous future in whatever weird world they conjure.  In such a vast rich universe our “retirement income” should buy a comfortable if not central place for humans to watch it all in wonder.

Read the whole thing — it’s one of the better takes on how the Singularity should work out.

See also my post Early Retirement.

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