Webinar on computer-aided design for nanobio

Accelrys is having a July 13 webinar, which I assume is free, on how to use their software for nanobio purposes. They say it enables “multiscale modeling that enables seamless design from the molecular level through full device”, which is pretty impressive. UPDATE: Yes, it’s free. —Christine Read more for the full press release

Foresight Student Awardee named Top 35 Innovator by Tech Review

In only six years, Harvard/MIT’s Anita Goel has gone from winning the 1999 Foresight Institute Distinguished Student Award for her work in nanotech, to founding Nanobiosym and being named one of world’s top 35 Young Scientific Innovators by MIT’s Technology Review Magazine. Can we pick ’em or what? Come to this year’s Feynman Prize Banquet… Continue reading Foresight Student Awardee named Top 35 Innovator by Tech Review

Nanosphere presents Success of Novel Technology

Wendy Emanuel writes "Northbrook, Ill. ñ January 26, 2005 ñ Researchers at Nanosphere, Inc. today reported unprecedented benefits in the companyís technology for the medical analysis of human DNA. Nanosphereís nanoparticle-based technology allows for rapid, highly-sensitive and specific Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) genotyping, which is the direct detection of a particular gene and the extent to which it is normal or mutated.


Nanoliters, Picoliters & Microliters

Drew Sauter writes "Nanoliter which has recently invented new, simple technology for a handheld "syringe" that can electrokinetically fly nanoliters, microliters and picoliters at targets or into vessles for application to MALDI TOF analysis of cancer biomarkers or for simple sample dilution has developed a course about its signature technology, Induction Fluidics(IBF).Along with Dr. Mitch Johnson of Duquesne University,the course will be given with Mr. Drew Sauter, the inventor of IBF. Schedules are being set and will be posted at Nanoliter.com."

Ed. Note: If you look at the site they list number sources for further information.

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