Reserve now for Summit with Drexler, Kurzweil, Hofstadter, Thiel, Jurvetson, etc. & moi

Reservations are now open for the Singularity Summit at Stanford, and based on the booking numbers I’ve just heard, we should expect the event to fill early. If you want to attend, it would be wise to reserve your seat right now.

Eric Drexler will speak on productive nanosystems, Ray Kurzweil on how fast change is likely to occur, Douglas Hofstadter on the likelihood of AI, Peter Thiel and Steve Jurvetson will moderate a panel TBA, and the list goes on: Nick Bostrom, Sebastian Thrun, Cory Doctorow, Max More, John Smart, Bill McKibben, and Eliezer Yudkowsky.

I will do my best to fit in with this stellar group. My abstract: “With both advanced nanotechnology and machine intelligence on the horizon, we face a future of mind-boggling change in both our physical world and the world of the mind. But we need not abandon efforts to steer this future toward one which will work for both humans and the biosphere. We can identify now some ground conditions needed for success and some reasons to hope that success is not implausible.”

This should be one of the most stimulating meetings ever, ranking right up there with the Foresight Vision Weekends. Advance kudos to Tyler Emerson who’s putting it together. Hope to see you there! —Christine

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