Rice nanotech researchers offer lighthearted look at chemistry

from the But-is-it-art? dept.
A group of chemists, computer programmers and animators "who believe that science can be art and art can be science", led by molecular electronics researcher James Tour, a professor of chemistry at Rice University, have launched the NANOArtworks website. Although little actual content available on the site as yet, it appears to be aimed at providing a lighthearted look at chemistry for younger students and a general audience.

According to the siteís blurb, the members of the group "believe that chemistry is fun. So fun that we want to share our interest throughout the world by the means of Benny the NanoBoy in the land of Nanoput. In his upcoming movies, you'll not only enjoy the 3D animation and comical storylines, but you'll also walk away with a new-found interest in chemistry."

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