S. Korea approves funding for nanotech program

from the World-Watch dept.
The South Korean government has approved initial funding for the countryís ambitious new nanotechnology research program, according to the Korean Chosun newspaper ("W1.4 Trillion Earmarked for Nano-Technology", 18 July 2001). In a meeting of National Science and Technology Committee on 18 July 2001, presided over by President Kim Dae-jung, the government decided to inject a total of 1.485 trillion won (about US $1.148 billion), including W983 billion from the state sector and W501.5 billion from the private sector, into the nanotechnology sector over the next five years to bring the country's technical status in the sector to the level of advanced countries. The funding will go to the fostering the required manpower in the field for a total of 12,600 experts in the next ten years.


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