Study lists nanotech as potential growth sector for "Chicagoland"

from the "Chicagoland"? dept.
A report issued by the office of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley examines options to help the Chicago region ("Chicagoland" — who thinks these things up?) retain its position as a leading economic center in the United States. The Mayor's Council of Technology Advisors engaged a consulting firm to help develop an economic growth strategy for Chicagoland; the report identifies nanotechnology as a potential growth option, and notes local strengths that would allow the region to develop a leading role in the nanotechnology sector. The report ("A New Economy Growth Strategy for Chicagoland") is available online as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (about 2.2 MB) at the Chicago Technology Today website.

A commentary on the plan that appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times ("How Chicago can seize the New Economy future", by H. Wolinsky, 19 July 2001) is available on the SmallTimes website.

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