Taiwan continues to emphasize nanotech

from the World-Watch dept.
An article in the Taipei Times ("Nanotechnology looks promising", by Dan Nystedt, 10 February 2002) underscores Taiwanís efforts to expand its research and development programs in biotechnology and, more recently, the microscopic science of nanotechnology. The article quotes Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian, who said during a tour of a new national Nanotechnology Research Center in January, that nanotechnology was "the new century's rising star" that "will bring about a massive shift in the development of new materials, information-technology products and biomedicine."

But, the article notes, "Others in Taiwan are not so optimistic about how long it will take to develop new products from the nanotechnology initiative. . . . Other critics of Taiwan's proposed nanotechnology program point out that China plans to spend NT$105.7 billion (US$3 billion) by 2005 on nanotechnology research, far more than Taiwan. They believe the government should put more money into R&D so Taiwan can maintain its high-tech advantage over China."

Additional background on Taiwanís nanotechnology initiative can be found in these Nanodot posts from 22 January and 24 January 2002.

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