Transformational Technologies Questions

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PatGratton writes "As Chris Phoenix previously described, four Senior Associates got together and began to outline an approach that would take us to the next level of work in resolving the issues raised by transformational technologies.

As one of our first steps, we sat down and tried to list all of the major questions facing us. The result is two sets of questions: one addressing technology, politics and ultimate goals, and the other addressing Foresight Goals. "

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These lists are basically FAQ's without the answers, and can be used to:
– Evaluate books and papers for completeness.
– Evaluate action plans for completeness and proper order.
– Frame discussions/debates.
– Identify hidden assumptions.

The two lists have been through several revisions already, but no doubt have plenty of room for expansion and clarification. Please review both lists and make suggestions for changes either here or to Pat Gratton. Note that we will soon be posting the non-Foresight questions to several mailing lists for comments.

Also, note that questions have been arranged and phrased to be as position neutral as possible. This should make the questions useful to a greater number of people. There will be many sides to the debates that will rage over these technologies – hopefully we can at least avoid division over the questions being argued!

– Richard Fannon
– Pat Gratton
– Chris Phoenix

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