UW launches 1st nanotech PhD program in US

from the Seattle-in-the-lead dept.
Senior Associate Eamon Dowling reports that The Daily (campus paper of the University of Washington) announced the following news:
UW begins first nanotech program in country
The UW is launching the nation's first doctoral-degree program in nanotechnology in time for the official start of the 21st century…The Ph.D. in nanotechnology is an "option program" incorporated into already existing Ph.D. programs in a variety of scientific disciplines. Participating students will earn simultaneous degrees in both nanotechnology and in one of nine other departments including computer science and engineering…Offering America's only graduate nanotechnology track, the UW program is expected to draw 20 to 40 students per year. Students may enroll immediately…Nanotechnology has evolved into a scientifically and socially critical academic field…Advances in nanotechnology have forged the way for the building of machines, robots and materials on a molecular level….the need for such a program is overdue, according to Viola Vogel, director of the UW's Center for Nanotechnology: "Nanotechnology will be to the 21st century what microelectronics was to the past century," Vogel said…"There will be a great demand for people with proficiency in this field."

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