Human brain equivalence on a chip by 2005?

from the smart-filing-cabinet dept.
Senior Associate RobertBradbury writes "EE Times has a very interesting article about how the German startup Pact GmbH is producing a new microprocessor packing 128 32-bit arithmetic logic units. Initial models pack ~13 GigaOps, but they plan to go to 400 GigaOps (4*1014 ops) by 2002. This is putting you in the range of human brain equivalence as I discuss here. As they project a petaop (1015 ops) on a chip by 2010, even if the conservative estimates of brain ops (1017 ops) are correct, you will be able to get human brain equivalence in a filing cabinet sized machine this decade!" (CP: Apologies to Robert for the delay in posting; I was on vacation.)

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