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1998 Foresight/IMM/CCIT
Senior Associates Gathering

Palo Alto, California
May 29-31, 1998

(Note: this is NOT Memorial Weekend)

The meeting is off the record; no media writeups please.

Announcements for May 29-31, 1998, Senior Associate Gathering

Gathering Program

Friday, May 29

      08:00-010:00 PM Welcoming Reception
in parallel with Silent Auction, signups for tomorrow's Open Mike session and:
      08:45-09:15 PM Informal Discussion with New Senior Associates, led by Eric Drexler  
Saturday, May 30

      08:30-09:00 AM Bagels 'n' Caffeine  
      09:00-09:30 AM Eric Drexler, IMM/Foresight
That old warhorse Eric does "the vision thing" for us, and sketches a path ahead for us as individuals and organizations.
      09:30-09:45 AM Informal discussion
      Morning Session: Nanotech R&D Progress: Let's See Some Breakthroughs
Session organized by Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
      09:45-10:15 AM Josh Hall, IMM
IMM has lured Josh away from Rutgers to full-time nano work. Between his technical work and moderating the sci.nanotech newsgroup, Josh brings years of achievement and perspective to our look ahead.
      10:15-10:45 AM Break with web surfing
      10:45-11:15 AM Ralph Merkle, IMM Advisor, Xerox PARC
Along with the inside technical scoop about work at Xerox & NASA Ames, we'll hear about Ralph's adventures in DC, as "speaker to federal funding bureaucrats."
      11:15-11:30 AM Informal discussion
      11:30 AM End of Silent Auction
      11:30-12:00 PM Neil Jacobstein, Teknowledge & IMM
"IMM: Current Status, Future Possibilities, Strategy and Tactics"
As chairman of IMM and in his job as president of Teknowledge, Neil works with R&D teams. He will invite you to co-invent the future of IMM.
      12:00-01:30 PM Lunch (included)
      Afternoon Session: Applications:
Session organized by Foresight Institute
      01:30-02:00 PM Bob Santer, Ford
"The Automobile in the Nano World"
Bob's been looking into nanotechnology from a transportation point of view. How much will the car of the future look like today's? (Not much.)
      02:00-02:30 PM Informal discussion  
      02:30-03:00 PM Pat Parker, Naval Postgraduate School
Pat's done more to get the US military to look at nanotechnology than anyone else we know. What's the response, Pat? Do they "get it", and if so, what's the scenario? (Can you even tell us?)
      03:00-03:30 PM Break with web surfing  
      03:30-04:00 PM Tom McKendree, University of Southern California & Raytheon
"Short, Medium, and Long-Term Space Development Using Nanotechnology" Tom will sketch how to use nanotech for robust settlement of the solar system and beyond.
      04:00-04:15 PM Informal discussion  
      04:15-04:45 PM Jim Von Ehr, Zyvex
Zyvex is the highest-profile of the nanotech startups, and while it's way too soon to expect results, we'll plague him for hints on what they're up to anyway.
      04:45-05:30 PM Break with web surfing
      06:00-08:00 PM Optional no-host restaurant dinner. Schmooze while indulging in California's renowned cuisine.  
      Evening Session:    
      08:00-08:30 PM Eric Drexler, Foresight/IMM
Web Enhancement: CritSuite as "The Other Half of Hypertext"
Robert Lucky of Bell Labs asked something like, "If we didn't foresee the web, what good are we?" Some of us did, and now we've developed key features missing from today's web. Eric will flame at us about how important this can be to our likelihood of surviving the coming technological (and accompanying economic/political) turmoil.
      08:30-11:00 PM Open Mike: Your (optional) 10 minutes of fame, emceed by Sunah Cherwin.
If Eric gets to flame, so do you: Get up and have your say on the topic of your choice. Informal and casual, but time limits strictly observed! Sign up early for this one.
Sunday, May 31

      08:00-09:00 AM IMM Senior Associate Recruitment Briefing Breakfast (sign up in advance), in parallel with:  
      08:30-09:00 AM Bagels 'n' Caffeine  
      Morning Session The Broader Picture
Session organized by Center for Constitutional Issues in Technology
      09:00-09:30 AM Philippe Van Nedervelde, Foresight Europe
For years, the US and Japan have had it all their own way in nanotechnology. Watch out: this is likely to end now that Philippe is running Foresight Europe.
      09:30-09:45 AM Informal discussion
      09:45-10:15 AM James C. Bennett, CCIT
Foresight co-founder and CCIT president Jim Bennett integrates technology, economics, and international politics to give us "The Politics of the Information Age." Hint: it's not what one would expect based on the same-old bombast from DC politicos.
      10:15-10:45 AM Break with web surfing  
      10:45-11:15 AM Greg Burch, partner, Liddell, Sapp, Zivley, Hill & LaBoon
A very nontraditional (extropian) lawyer-environmentalist sketches an early take on legal issues affecting nanotechnology. Hint: think torts.
      11:15-11:30 AM Informal discussion
      11:30-12:00 PM Doug Engelbart, Bootstrap Institute
Foresight's new Advisor, Doug, has already shown more Foresight than the rest of us put together, so we'd better listen carefully to what he's got to say today. He's probably right again.
      12:00-01:30 PM Lunch (included)  
      Afternoon Session: Controversies & Fusses, Now & Soon
Session organized by Foresight Institute
      01:30-02:00 PM Paul Saffo, Institute for the Future
In Time, in Newsweek, in the Wall Street Journal: all you see is "Paul Saffo says this, Paul Saffo says that." But with us, he can relax and say what is too bizarre for them to hear, right, Paul?
      02:00-02:30 PM Informal discussion
      02:30-03:00 PM Jim Halperin
"Didactic Science Fiction: a Tool to Prepare for Change"
Jim's new novel The First Immortal is likely to be the most prominent cryonics 'n' nanotech fiction we've seen for a long time. Are you taking flak on this, Jim, or is cryonics old news to the press by now?
      03:00-03:30 PM Break with web surfing
      03:30-04:00 PM David Brin
David's new book The Transparent Society looks at what happens under ubiquitous surveillance, coming even before nanotechnology arrives. There's good news and bad news. (More good news than one might assume.)
      04:00-04:15 PM Informal discussion, arguments
      04:15-04:45 PM Virginia Postrel, Reason Foundation
So many Senior Associates are fans of Virginia's that we had to lure her up here to meet us. Who knows what she'll say; we already know it will be great, and funny too.
      04:45-05:30 PM Break with web surfing; promises to call and email
      05:30 PM Dash for your plane, or hang around the pool with the locals  


If you are not yet a Senior Associate, find out more about the Senior Associates Program and fill out an application form.

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