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1999 Foresight Gathering

"Group Genius" Weekend: Foresight for the Next 30 Years

May 21-23, 1999

The meeting is off the record; no media writeups please.

This event has been held. This page is for archival purposes only. Senior Associates have access to the complete Group Genius Website on the password-protected Senior Associates Web site.

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Group Genius Weekend report in Update 37; photos from Gathering

What, Who, When ...


Foresight's 1st Brainstorming-Planning-Actionfest & NanoSchmoozathon
How many revolutions can you cope with?  Here's what's coming -- nanotechnology, radical life extension, cryptomoney, targeted info/bio/warfare, hardware with far more MIPS than we have, and opening the long-promised space frontier.  Most of us will try to live through these changes.  We invite you to trade ideas with some allies -- individuals who can examine these prospects without undergoing mental shutdown.


200 of the most forward-looking minds on the planet -- leaders and visionaries
in emerging technologies, freedom, and dynamic change


May 21 evening through May 23, 1999
Friday 8-10 PM, Saturday 8 AM - 8 PM, Sunday 8 AM - 6 PM


Palo Alto in Silicon Valley, the eye of the technological hurricane, and not in some boring hotel, but a unique group-augmentation environment: KnOwhere Palo Alto


Not podium-based talking heads.  We're using a highly-evolved process for group genius -- the DesignShop, a group-achievement process so powerful, so seductive, that it lured two key Foresight leaders away to write a book about it. Purchase the book.   Online version of the book


For your organization, your career, your family, and your personal future.  For the human species, the space frontier, freedom, and the biosphere.  For moral support in looking fearlessly ahead at a world very different from what we know today.  And, for fun!  (But not for the media -- it's off the record.)

Confirmed participants include:

  • Gregory Benford:  physicist, author Deep Time, and science fiction
  • Eric Drexler:  nanotechnologist; author, Engines of Creation, Nanosystems
  • Esther Dyson:  founder, Release 1.0, PC Forum; author, Release 2.0
  • Doug Engelbart:  hypertext pioneer, computer mouse inventor, all-round visionary
  • Dan Fylstra:  software entrepreneur, political activist, founder VisiCorp
  • Dan Gillmor:  technology and business columnist, San Jose Mercury News
  • John Gilmore:  cofounder, Cygnus Support; Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Joanne Jacobs:  member, editorial board, San Jose Mercury News
  • Ray Kurzweil:  pioneer in reading machines, speech recognition
  • Doug Lenat:  AI pioneer; founder CYC Project and Cycorp
  • Ralph Merkle:  nanotechnologist; co-inventor, public key cryptography
  • Max More:  president, Extropy Institute
  • Virginia Postrel:  editor, Reason; author, The Future and Its Enemies
  • Eric Raymond:  advocate of Open Source software, author Hacker's Dictionary
  • Vernor Vinge:  visionary fiction author, assoc. prof. SDSU
  • Roy Walford:  gerontologist, Biospheran, author, Maximum Life Span
  • Pierluigi Zappacosta:   cofounder and former Chairman, Logitech

Registration Information

This event has been held. This page is for archival purposes only.