A useful summary of nanotech in Texas

from the not-invented-here dept.
An article on the Small Times website ("NanoTexas: The Land of Big Oil is Now Boomtown for the Tiny", by Candace Stuart, 16 July 2001) provides a useful overview of nanotech-related activity in Texas. The article covers the various Texas institutions and private firms engaged in nanotechnology research and development, and describes some of their work.

Also, in the tradition of Texas tall tales, we again see the dubious claim that "Texas is the birthplace of nanotechnology." The claim is based on the co-discovery of fullerenes by Richard Smalley at Rice University, and the mistaken assumption that the Rice researchers are the only ones who have done interesting work with fullerene nanotubes.

Activity in Texas has recently been covered here on nanodot on 29 June, 13 June, and 30 May in 2001, and 16 August 2000.

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