Carbon Nanotube Devices: H-S Philip Wong

H-S Philip Wong discusses Carbon Nanotube Devices at 2014 Foresight Technical Conference: Integration

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In October, Professor Wong along with colleagues at Stanford University published the development of a digital computer which uses carbon nanotubes as transistors. The team was able to integrate 142 carbon nanotube transistors into a multitasking computer programmable through a 20 instruction set. Professor Wong will relate the trials and triumphs in the integration strategy, as well as insight into other strategies for ultra small, high speed low power switching.

To put these accomplishments into perspective we need only look back to 2008 at which time the integration of five carbon nanotubes was cutting edge technology.

You can follow the Carbon Nanotube Device Timeline: through the links below and join us at the 2014 Foresight Technical Conference: Integration to hear more from Professor Wong:

2003- carbon nanotube mats integrated as organic vapor sensor(Nano Letters)

2008- Five carbon nanotubes integrated to form an AM Radio (PNAS)

2013- One hundred forty two carbon nanotubes integrated to form a multitasking computer (Nature)

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