Drexler&#39s book tour extends to U.S. May6-9

Recently we pointed at a Forbe’s interview with Eric Drexler, in anticipation of his pending new book Radical Abundance.

The book  has shipped, and Drexler’s tour schedule now includes a few stops on the coasts of the U.S:

New York: May 6th

Los Angeles: May 8th & 9th

Seattle: May 9th

Find exact times and locations on Drexler’s website, and find more information about the book from publisher Public Affairs and/or from your favorite book store.

If you’ve been imagining an updated version of Nanosystems, you’re in for a surprise. The book invites us to take a remarkable journey through the personal and educational experiences that led Drexler to contemplate the global future and to develop the foundations and concepts of atomically precise manufacturing, through a surprisingly accessible tour of the nanoscale world, and through a deeply thoughtful discussion of not only crucial realities of revolutionary new technology, but of crucial uncertainties as well.

-Posted by Stephanie C

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