India hopes to develop

from the World-Watch dept.
An brief article in The Times of India ("Need to develop nanotechnology", 5 March 2002) reports that Rajeev Ratan Shah, Secretary, Department of Information, speaking at a seminar in Kanpur on 3 March 2002, admitted that "India was lagging behind in the development of nanotechnology", and called upon nano-scientists "to come out with concrete recommendations for quick growth of nanotechnology in the country. He also stressed that the government would provide funds for research in this field." According to the report, "Shah said there was an urgent need for an integrated approach for the growth of nanotechnology in India, adding that scientists from various institutes should come on a joint forum to share their experiences and knowledge in this field. He lamented that India was lagging behind in nanotechnology and it was high time that Indian scientists took initiatives for advanced research in the field."

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